What possibilities follow cremation?

Each year since 2015, more Americans have chosen cremation than burial, a trend that continues to rise today. And although decedents often choose cremation confidently and peacefully, it's common for those left behind to wonder, "What now?" after cremation. There are...

Teddy L Beaver

Teddy Lee Beaver, aged 82, of Mesa, AZ  passed away at home in the care of his family and hospice on Thursday October 11th, 2018,  surrounded by his loving family. He was born on May 15th, 1936 in Kansas City, Mo and was a son of the late Halley Comet and Mary Jane...

What To Do If Someone Passes At Home

In some cases, loved ones pass away peacefully with an expert on death and dying - like a hospice nurse or doctor - nearby. This person knows exactly what steps to take to ensure your loved one's body is taken care of respectfully and according to his or her wishes....

Ways to Pay for a Funeral

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that you have the necessary funds to pay for a funeral while also protecting your family from possible price changes for services. Unfortunately, when a loved one passes away unexpectedly you may want to consider multiple means...

Funeral Expenses 101

Has your family planned adequately for funeral expenses? While you may have some savings put aside in the event of an emergency, there may be some expenses you didn't consider. Funerals in America are increasingly expensive, between the costs of embalming and caskets...

How to Find a Funeral Home that Fits Your Needs

Your loved one has passed away and despite the deep physical and emotional toll it has taken on you, it's time to find a funeral home and begin making arrangements. While it often sounds like much to expect from a grieving widow, child, or friend, we often find that...

Best Resources for Grief Support on Holidays

Learning to live again after the loss of a spouse or loved one can feel overwhelming. This is especially true during holidays such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries or birthdays. These special times are ones that were shared with our other half. Finding something to do can help to manage the grieving process in a positive way. Many families find that planning some activities ahead of time that incorporate friends and family or others who are in a similar situation may be helpful as well. Here are three of the best resources for grief support on holidays and anniversaries. 

Three Unique Gravesite Decorations

Selecting a gravesite marker and any decorations is the ideal way to capture a small portion of your loved one’s spirit. The hardest part is deciding which one to choose that represents them entirely. Fortunately, gravesite decorations are as diverse as humans are. With these three unique options, you can show your everlasting love and devotion to your loved one. 

What is a Celebration of Life?

Losing a loved one does not generally feel like a time to celebrate. However, there are some individuals whose light in the world simply doesn’t lend itself to a staid and somber ceremony. In this case, or when the deceased has planned their own celebration of life service, there are plenty of ways to say your final goodbyes. A celebration of life may still have moments of sadness, but it is customary in many cultures to focus on the joyful aspects of your loved one’s life on earth.

Alternative Ways to Remember Your Loved One

There are so many strong emotions around the loss of a loved one that it can be difficult to think of one that will help you remember all the love and good feelings that you want to preserve. Saying goodbye takes time, but there are many creative ways to bring some normalcy back to your life while still honoring your loved one. From the time of the pyramids to today, people have looked for ways to keep memories alive in unique and meaningful ways with hobbies, keepsakes, gemstones and even memorial urns.