Funeral Prices | Planning

Planning a personalized funeral can be a great way to bring together everything that you love about your special someone. While funeral prices are rising everywhere, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have options to personalize your funeral. Far from it–you can customize many different options about the funeral of a loved one without adding a lot of cost.

Average Cost of a Funeral

Attending a funeral can be very emotionally wrenching, but hearing just the right quote or inspirational phrase can transport you out of your pain and suffering and into a place of peace and wholeness. The average cost of a funeral does continue to rise, but there are ways that you can create that emotional connection with funeral attendees without spending a great deal of money, and one of those is through the choice of appropriate words of phrases to be shared within the service and with any type of leave-behind items such as funeral programs. These are some of our staff’s favorite inspirational funeral quotes that we hope you will find useful in creating an oasis of calm.

Cremation Costs

Millions of people die every year, but why are nearly half of these individuals choosing cremation? Well, cremation costs may be a part of that choice–they are significantly lower than burial costs and the economy isn’t great. Cost certainly isn’t the only reason for this shift, religion and family are also contributing and the softening of the Catholic Church towards the practice is contributing as well. As Americans spread out away from their nuclear family, cremation is an increasingly-popular choice.

Cost Of Funeral | Caskets

If you’ve been to several funerals, you may have noticed that there are a broad range of caskets available on the market–from bronze, copper, steel to hardwood–and that they can contain elaborate designs on both the interior and exterior. Caskets can add to the cost of funeral expenses significantly, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for and the different types and sizes of caskets before you start planning.

Funeral Services | Basics

While you can be incredibly elaborate when you're planning a funeral, there are some basic funeral services that you should consider building upon. Basic funeral services provide friends and family with a way to commemorate and say goodbye to a loved one through a...

Funeral Costs | Pre-Planning

Pre-planning your funeral may sound like an incredibly depressing way to spend your week, but taking your time and making these decisions before they are needed can save you and your family a significant amount of money in funeral costs in the long run. Instead of having to select from within a limited set of options, or not being sure what your final desires would be, your loved ones instead can focus on supporting each other and being present in the moment. Pre-planning your funeral not only has the potential to significantly reduce your funeral costs, but it is also the final present that you can give to your family.

Funeral Arrangements | Emotions

The unthinkable happened, and you’ve lost a loved one. While you work through the emotions leading up to a funeral, you may be feeling lost and alone or you may be fortunate enough to be part of a large and strong family group and feel as though you’ve been enveloped in love and support. Unfortunately, once the funeral arrangements are over and all of the relatives and friends have returned home–you’re still left with the prospect of life without your loved one. How do you take the next step and help your family return to the new normal?

Mortuary Services

Some of the most misunderstood jobs in the world are in the realm of mortuary services, such as funeral directors. While it’s not something we think about on a daily basis, when you need a funeral director you want to work with a knowledgeable professional who will be discrete and respectful to your lost loved one. Here’s some of the top things that funeral directors and other mortuary services professionals want you to know to help de-mystify the process overall.

Military Funerals | Honoring Soldiers

Military life is steeped in symbolism and tradition, and the honor and respect shown to the deceased at military funerals is certainly no exception. While in many ways a military funeral is very similar to a traditional funeral, there are certain aspects that...