The Difference Between a Mausoleum and a Crypt

There is a whole new world of terminology around the end stages of life: crypts and mausoleums, entombment or cremation . . . but what do these terms mean to you and your loved ones when you are planning ahead? While all of these words refer to a way to protect and honor the remains of your loved ones after their passing, there are a few key differences of which you should be aware. In general, crypts refer to the vault that is often located below a church or on the grounds of a memorial facility within the mausoleum, while a mausoleum is a stately and serene building that may house one or more crypts. These alternatives to ground burial are used by families extensively throughout the world and continue to gain popularity in the United States.

Funeral Preplanning & Digital Assets

Funeral preplanning is not a new concept. Neither is estate planning. But, what is new are some of the things you need to consider when planning for the time after you are gone. For example, did you know that your online activity can be classified as property?  It may...

San Tan Funeral Home | Wills

San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home is a Queen Creek funeral home that believes in taking care of family.  That includes having a will prepared when you are no longer around to care for them.  When including property (your belongings) in your will, it is important to...

San Tan Mountain View Mortuary | Executors

At San Tan Mountain View Mortuary, we want to provide assistance however we can when you've just lost a loved one. We know it is a difficult time. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some information about the role of an executor for your reference. What is an...

After the Funeral | Handling Joint Accounts

When a loved one passes away, making funeral arrangements is usually one of the first things requiring your attention. At San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home, we can help you make the best decisions so that funeral planning goes as smoothly as possible. But, we also...

Do You Qualify For Social Security Survivor Insurance?

Most people are aware that Social Security provides benefits for retirees. But there are other benefits available through Social Security, including survivor insurance. Based on eligibility, certain family members can receive additional Social Security benefits. How...

Who to Notify When Someone Passes

When a loved one passes away, the combination of grief and shock can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to focus on dealing with the personal business that needs to be addressed after someone dies. At San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home, we know that there can be a...

How Soon Should I Start Making Funeral Arrangements?  

Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences in life, and can leave even the most structured mind struggling to make connections in the hours after your friend or family member’s passing. You may be racing in many different directions, wondering who to notify, when you should schedule any visitation times and the funeral, and the hundreds of other tiny decisions required. Staying organized is crucial, and knowing that there are professionals available to support you may allow you to feel more in control. 

Which Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral?

Most people have a variety of questions when attending a funeral: what to wear, what to say to family members who have lost a loved one and what (if any) type of food to bring to visitation. One question in particular seems to be universal: How do I decide which flowers to send in remembrance? Fortunately, our experts have the answers that will help you make an appropriate decision based on your relationship to the deceased. 

Selecting the Ideal Cemetery Plot for Yourself or a Loved One

There are many factors to consider when selecting a cemetery plot. This includes location of friends and family members, cemetery rules and regulations, and details about the plot itself. There are also several types of cemeteries from which to choose, such as public cemeteries, those catering to a specific religious background, veterans’ cemeteries and even eco-friendly green cemeteries. Whenever possible, it’s helpful for loved ones to select a burial location before it is needed, as this will greatly help family members and friends during an emotional time.