shutterstock_117798985-300x198Value for the dollar spent is always one of the most determining factors when we purchase merchandise or services.  How we feel about that experience effects our attitude and how we form memories and whether we reflect with positive or negative thoughts.  What we spend is always important but we all know that the lowest price, many times, does not deliver the value expected or required, especially when services, instead of a comparable item, are involved.

San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home is service and value oriented.  Each member of the staff is dedicated to achieving or surpassing the needs of every family.

Is San Tan Mountain View the most expensive?  NO – Not even close.

Is San Tan Mountain View the cheapest? NO – We could not be in the business and give the value we do.

San Tan Mountain View does give the most VALUE for the investment in services, merchandise, and a good feeling afterward.

Areas to look for differences are;

  • The facilities – Cleanliness, accessibility, comfortable surroundings, spacious and accommodating?
  • The staff – Friendly, accommodating, compassionate, and make you feel like the center of attention?

Licensed Staff – Do you meet with arrangers or Licensed Funeral Directors?

Are Advanced Planning Counselors insurance licensed?

Are Cemetery Counselors licensed with the Real Estate Department?

  • Crematory – Do they use a third party and transport your deceased to another facility?
    – Our Crematory is located at our main facility in Mesa, but the same caring funeral directors provide total respectful care.

San Tan Mountain View encourages families to learn about our services, facility, and staff.  We encourage families to stop at different businesses and compare, ask questions, tour the facility, and meet the staff.  We value the trust  area families have given us since 1951 and we will continue to provide ultimate professional, caring, and respect to valley families.  Our family lead team here at Mountain View has a passion for providing dedicated, respectable, and caring services to you.

You are always welcome. The owner, management, and staff look forward to it.