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Mesa Crematory | Funeral Option?

As you search for a Mesa crematory for a loved one, you have some pressing questions. Is a funeral ceremony an option, even if there will be no burial? Will it cost more to pair a cremation and a funeral ceremony? Mountain View Funeral Home has answers to those questions:

  • Yes, a funeral is an option when you work with a Mesa crematory such as ours at Mountain View. However, the body of the deceased would require embalming and a separate container (if not a traditional casket), with handles for viewing and ceremonial purposes.
  • You and your family can also choose to bury your loved ones’ remains. Or, you have the option of putting them in an urn, scattering them at another location, or dividing them among you and family members via remembrance keepsakes.
  • The cost of using a Mesa crematory with a funeral may vary depending which options you select. Mountain View Funeral Home offers funding options and planning services for varied budgets.

Here are some addressed concerns that others have had. We hope that they put your mind at ease about cremation:

  • A casket is not required for cremation. Typically, an alternative container constructed of wood or cardboard is cremated with the body.  The type of container or casket will likely be determined by personal preferences.
  • Most religions allow cremation. Some exceptions are: Orthodox Jewish, Islamic, Eastern Orthodox and a few Fundamentalist Christian faiths. The Catholic Church accepts cremation as long as it is not chosen for reasons contrary to Christian teachings.
  • Our Mesa crematory is located on Mountain View Funeral Home premises so your loved one always stays in our care.
  • Almost all Protestant Churches allow the urn to be present during the memorial service. Most Catholic Churches allow the cremated remains to be present during the Memorial Mass. If your family plans on a memorial, we encourage the cremated remains be present. It provides a focal point for the service.

Mountain View Funeral Home’s considerate and professional staff can answer any questions you might have in your selection process of a Mesa crematory. You can contact us at 480-832-2850 or or toll free at: 1-866-684-1951.

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