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Phoenix Mausoleum with A/C

Phoenix mausoleum

Are you searching for a Phoenix mausoleum? At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery in Mesa, we offer mausoleum options that provide a quiet place for reflection in cool, air-conditioned comfort. Some other benefits and features of our mausoleums include:

  • Exclusive options for community or private (family) mausoleums and cremation niches.
  • Private/family mausoleums can include different personal preferences, such as traditional burial or cremation.
  • A companion crypt is one of our  smallest Phoenix mausoleum choices. Individual crypts are the smallest. They come in a variety of designs and materials. Arrangement can be side-by-side or vertical. Pre-assembled, private mausoleums are available for placement on your own cemetery site.
  • Chapel versions actually include a chapel where indoor services can take place. It elegantly and beautifully houses crypts and niches. It also has areas for graveside and committal services.
  • If budget and time are tight, selecting a Phoenix mausoleum eliminates burial costs and the required decisions that go along with it.
  • Air-conditioned mausoleums are a safer choice when you have elders who’d like to pay frequent visits, but are more vulnerable to our harsh summer heat.
  • Climate controlled mausoleums are practical if you have out-of-state relatives who’ll visit your deceased loved one(s) during the summer months.
  • A Phoenix mausoleum is a great option for families who are uncertain about committing to the upkeep or embellishment of a gravesite.

Mountain View Funeral Home takes pride in our grounds and facilities. Be assured that whichever Phoenix mausoleum you choose at our Mesa site, it will be professionally and regularly maintained. As we work with you, we keep in mind your loved ones cultural and religious beliefs. Those preferences will be reflected in whichever burial and funeral plan you select.

We are the only family-owned and operated funeral home and cemetery in the East Valley. Should you have questions about your options, our caring and compassionate staff is available to assist you. You can reach us by phone at 480-832-2850.

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