Antonio was born in Arteaga, Michoacan, Mexico on January 17, 1960. Antonio came to the United States to achieve the American dream. He married his loving wife at the age of 23. He was such a hard worker. And it didn’t bother him to work hard as long as his family was taken care of. He loved his children with a passion. He always made sure we had fun with him and we made beautiful memories with him.

Although, tragically, at 35 years of age he had a traumatic brain injury, he held us together. Our father made sure we, the children, never disrespected our mother. We were scared of “the look”.

He was such a great uncle, brother and friend. He was loved by all who met him. We are grateful to God that he was our father. And if we could be born again and have the choice, we’d pick Antonio to be our dearest father again.

We’ll see you again daddy. Enjoy heaven meanwhile.

Much love,

Ana, Jessica and IsaĆ­as