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For Joey Caro –

 I am the resurrection and the life, He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will NEVER die.” John 11:25-26.


 Joey Caro

Jose Antonio Caro

Born on April 18, 1959.

Rested on Feb. 11, 2019

Compassion, Kind and Loving.

Today we honor the life and legacy of Jose D. Caro.  “Joey” had a long lasting impact on the aerospace community.  We thank him for his contributions  on several spaceflight missions.  He was industrious and capable in his work, and was admired by many colleagues.  He graduated from National University in 1992 with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He displayed a wonderful knack for solving problems and helping others.   Our family, friends’,  and professional community mourn the loss of a genuine friend.   With the deepest of hearts and respect we lay him to rest- but never forgotten.


When I was little, Uncle would always trick me to holding his hand as a way for him looking out for me. He would say, “Hey Bryanna, hold my hand. I’m scared!” This is while we are crossing the street.

From the time I was born, Uncle Joey has always been so protective of me. Now that Uncle is no longer with us physically, I can still feel his presence. This sense of security where ever I go, is indeed a very wonderful feeling.  I love Uncle Joey so much.  May his soul live on, and his body rest in peace.



Joey was my eldest brother. Followed him around when we were young and even as we got older.  Joey kept me in line all through out in life. My person to call at any time to help solve my problems.  He protected me and inevitably spoiled me.  He prevented me from getting in trouble by saying, “DAMN IT EMILY”, in a loving voice.  Joey was my partner in crime.  We rode bikes, shot pool, rode horses, had many pictures together. Played basketball when we were younger.  We also would go swing dancing and karaoke.  Joey took care of the family when we were kids.  Always joking at work.  All the girls tried to get to Joey through me.  He was my best friend and I will always miss him.  There will always be something missing without Joey.  My heart is broken.  I love you and will see you someday in heaven with Lola Maximina, Lolo Perico, Pipo, Tito Raoul, Tito Athos, Tita Chona, Tita Conching, Tita Angie, Tito Mario, Steve, Ayee, and Clemente.  Rest in peace Brother.



Too Soon, Rest in Peace, You will be missed Joey.



I love Joey dearly.  We are very close.  We chat a lot. If there was ever a problem, Joey was my go-to guy.  Joey was always defending me, especially when younger. He was my bodyguard; my best friend, my brother, my dearest cousin… Surely, I will Miss my bodyguard; my best friend, my brother, my dearest cousin, “My Jo”.



A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. Parting with my beloved Brother – Joey is so painful.

I LOVE YOU Joey….  Ingat…



Antonio Caro, known as Joey was known to be a hard worker and dedicated to his work. Joey enjoyed

and loved his family, when the opportunity a-rose he was always eager to be with them and participate in outings such as, eating out, talking with relatives back in the Philippines on SKYPE, and taking trips to other parts of the country to visit. Joey was an avid motorcyclist, owning a Honda and his favorite, a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Joey liked his quite time and solitude as well as time to party a bit. If you happen to be a friend of Joey’s you would be a friend for life.



Last time I saw you, you were smiling and talking, it felt like it was yesterday.

When you were taken, I learned about it on a Monday.

But in my heart, you will always stay.

We will cry our self to sleep at night and praying that God keep your soul at peace.

Now you are in that heavenly place.

On the wings of the heavenly dove,

Soaring so high above.

Sometimes I will wonder if it happened for a reason,

God has a purpose for all of us.

Maybe that’s why he took you so suddenly.

Although I will never understand why so soon.

We will endure this pain, and eventually we will be better.

But we will not forget about you, instead we will continue to cherish the memories we have of you. Celebrate the life that you had.

Instill the wisdom to our kids and share with them the same warm love that you embraced us with.

So, rest in peace Tito Joey.

Until that one day that we again meet.

In eternity you safely be.



I was blessed to have Joey as part of my family. Joey was a wonderful person. He was so caring, loving and always willing to help.  He loved to cook and spent time with his family and friends. He always had a smile and a kind word for you. Joey enjoyed being outdoors fishing, camping or taking his motorcycle for along ride. I was blessed to call Joey family and I will miss him deeply. He was light in this world gone too soon.



Joey was not only a brother but also a superhero to me. He had great strength and had the strongest will of anyone I knew.  He was protective of us and was very dedicated to the point where he would sacrifice anything for his family.

Although we didn’t spend much time together, I have fond memories of him teaching me many things such as how to box and ride a motorcycle. The things I have learned from him as a kid have made me a better person today.

I am sad that I was not able to visit him and ride with him as I promised. I didn’t get the chance to tour with him on motorcycles and do stuff that brothers would do. I thought that he would be around forever but I was wrong.

I would like to thank him for all the things he did for me and for being my superhero. I hope that he would continue to watch over us and also pray that he is now resting in peace.

I love you, dear brother.



Joey was my friend.  I met Joey when he interviewed in June of 2017.

My first impression was that of a particularly quiet and respectful person.

Joey came with a second – his sister Emily.  They interviewed as a pair and they worked as a pair.

Joey was Emily’s older brother and looked out for her and she looked out for him.

As a technician, Joey was meticulous in his work and would help ANYONE when they needed it.  Any time I needed something done, all I had to do was ask…..and his response…..”Sure thing,

Boss J!”  Even after I would assure him that I wasn’t the “Boss”, he would say “OK Boss J!”

I could never shake that greeting from Joey, and I now miss that.

Outside of work, Joey would call me “Sir Kevin” and I would laugh to myself because to me, he was Joe-Say and I never felt that I earned the “Sir” that he bestowed on me.

In the work center, we shall miss him and the impact of his absence will be felt for quite some time.

As a friend, I will miss Joey’s BIG smile and his morning greeting to me in his light toned voice saying “Good Morning, Boss”.

To my friend and co-worker Joey, I say “Rest Easy, Joe-Say, I will carry your memory fondly and with a smile”.


Sir Kevin, Boss J


To my son, Joey Caro, who passed away unexpectedly:

He was a very good and loving son. He was also a very helpful and caring brother to his sisters, Elizabeth and Emily, and would have probably sacrificed his life for them if needed. He also loved his Mommy Lucila very much, in his own special way.

Although he had a very short life here on Earth, it was a very full life with lots of excitement and drama. He was never contented on what the present situation was and always wanted more out of life. He was an achiever and wanted things done fast.

I remember how happy he was when I bought him his first Honda motorcycle and taught him how to drive it. His love for motorcycles continued his whole life. He still rode a big Honda and added a Harley Davidson. He always wanted to go fast, fast, fast. That’s probably why his life ended fast.

Joey, I hope and pray that you will be happy and contented in Heaven with God now. Up to the present, I still cannot get over that you already passed away, and my regret is that I cannot be there with you. My prayers and love will be with you.

Your Daddy,

Tony Caro