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Mortuary Services

Some of the most misunderstood jobs in the world are in the realm of mortuary services, such as funeral directors. While it’s not something we think about on a daily basis, when you need a funeral director you want to work with a knowledgeable professional who will be discrete and respectful to your lost loved one. Here’s some of the top things that funeral directors and other mortuary services professionals want you to know to help de-mystify the process overall.

Military Funerals | Honoring Soldiers

Military life is steeped in symbolism and tradition, and the honor and respect shown to the deceased at military funerals is certainly no exception. While in many ways a military funeral is very similar to a traditional funeral, there are certain aspects that...

Cemetery | Memorials

Losing a loved one can be devastating and filled with all of the grief, emotion and physical pain that a human being can be expected to withstand. It can give you lasting comfort to know that your loved one is close to hand in some earthly form and many people visit...

Embalming vs Mummification

While the term ‘mummification’ may bring up thoughts of Ancient Egypt, ’embalming’ feels like a more contemporary term and a process that is still used today. However, embalming is merely one step of the mummification process that involves the deliberate preservation of a body to forestall decomposition for any period of time. While it is not believed that any modern peoples are still using the full mummification process to protect the bodies of those they have lost, embalming is still a widely-used practice at funeral homes.

Memorial | Financial Strain

When many people hear that there has been a loss within their circle of family or friends, once the shock has passed people tend to think “Where do I send flowers?” and more details about the arrangements. When your family is being stretched financially,...

Mausoleum | What To Know

Cremation is rising in popularity in America, and the variety of ways that you can store final remains also continues to grow. Whether you’ve chosen cremation or entombment, you may want an option that allows your family to visit your remains after you pass to...

Undertaker | Questions To Ask

Planning a funeral can be an emotional time, but it shouldn’t be needlessly stressful or scary. A professional undertaker, or funeral director, is someone who can walk you through any questions that you have in a comforting way–effectively providing you with a support system to help you understand this final step in life. Whether you choose cremation or burial, our trusted and confidential team will support your needs even if you don’t know how to get started.

Funeral Preplanning

One of the biggest concerns as we age is how our family will support themselves when we’re gone. Costs continue to rise, and as incomes dwindle throughout the retirement years younger spouses and children may have a difficult time making ends meet after paying for final expenses for their lost loved ones. Funeral preplanning allows you the opportunity to ensure that your family is taken care of when you’re gone by defining and even pre-paying for your final expenses–something that can be a true gift to your family.

Funeral Companies | Planning

Planning a funeral can be stressful on the entire family, and making decisions when you’re in a precarious state of mind can be a challenge as well. Funeral companies who understand and can anticipate your needs allows you the time and space that you need to...

Obituary Services | Helpful Tips

While no one wants to write an obituary as it means that a loved one has passed, having everything that you need together before you begin can make a difficult and emotional task much simpler. Both a great honor and a great responsibility, writing an obituary can be...