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mausoleum2Mausoleum entombment is above ground entombment that provides a clean and dry alternative. Exclusive options are available in a prestigious environment, such as community or private (family) mausoleums and cremation niches. Multiple price ranges allow families the choice of many affordable options. Mausoleum entombment also eliminates many burial expenses and decisions and does not require an outer burial container.

The New Wall of Peace III
Wall of Peace III is a beautiful structure that has a covered and gated meditation area with a water feature and is lighted. It is currently available with crypts, niches and cenotaphs.

Private Mausoleums
Private mausoleums are lasting structures used for the entombment of family or group members. They can accommodate a variety of individual preferences, including traditional burial and cremation. Private mausoleums are beautifully designed to reflect a family’s unique heritage and create a permanent tribute to lives well-lived.

Companion Crypts
Companion crypts are another popular choice for private and peaceful above ground entombment. These crypts come in a variety of designs and materials, and arrangement can be either vertical or side by side. Single- to six-crypt preassembled private mausoleums are available for placement on your own cemetery site.

Chapel Mausoleums
Chapel mausoleums house a chapel in which indoor services can take place. A chapel mausoleum is another elegant, yet affordable, option for families considering this form of interment.

Mountain View’s Desert Star Chapel Mausoleum is a completely indoor mausoleum with crypts and niches. It is beautiful large structure that affords areas for committal and graveside services. There are still niches and crypts available.

Wall of Peace II
The Wall of Peace series are along the West Border of Mountain View and start near Main Street and go north. Wall of Peace I and II do still have some open crypts and niches.

Garden Mausoleums
Garden mausoleums are open-air structures that provide a lasting and beautiful remembrance option. Special landscaping features and the outdoor environment make this a desirable choice for many people. Four mausoleums, Hope, Prayer, Faith and Charity adjoin gardens of the same name. Mountain View has seven other outside mausoleums. A few still have some open crypts and niches.

The Ridgelawn Memorial Series
The Ridgelawn Memorial Series is a set of exclusive flush bronze memorial designs created by Matthews Bronze. The 16″ x 24″ design is a companion memorial and can be customized with special borders, lettering and designs to meet individual needs and preferences.