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Pre-planning your funeral in advance can bring comfort and relief for family members. By pre-planning, you will alleviate any guesswork they may have. As well, you will save them from having to make tough decisions during a difficult time. And by pre-planning, your memorial will be exactly how you want it to be. To help make your pre-planning a little easier for you, we’ve prepared a checklist with many details for you to consider.

  1. Decide on the type of service you want
  • Funeral service followed by burial or cremation
  • Funeral service followed by a graveside service
  • Graveside service only
  • Chapel service only
  • Memorial service only after burial or cremation
  1. Decide on any other funeral events
  • Viewing before funeral
  • Wake before funeral
  • Visitation before funeral
  • Reception or gathering after funeral or memorial
  • Observance of specific religious mourning practices
  1. Identify personal touches
  • Person to officiate (include a second choice)
  • People to serve at pallbearers
  • People to deliver eulogies
  • People to read poems, prayers, etc.
  • Specific readings to be read
  • Songs, hymns, or other music to be played
  • Personal items to display
  • Charity organization(s) for donations made in my honor
  • Other personal touches such as dove release or favorite flower
  1. Indicate people to notify
  • Name of primary contact
  • Names of people whom my family may not know
  • Groups or organizations to contact

Pre-planning your funeral and/or memorial can be done at any time. And you can revise your plans whenever you like, as many times as you like. Sometimes it takes some extra thought when deciding how you most want to be remembered. But knowing that your loved ones will honor your life and memory in the very special way that you have chosen by pre-planning will make their mourning time easier and will help them remember you just as you want them to.


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