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Millions of people die every year, but why are nearly half of these individuals choosing cremation? Well, cremation costs may be a part of that choice–they are significantly lower than burial costs and the economy isn’t great. Cost certainly isn’t the only reason for this shift, religion and family are also contributing and the softening of the Catholic Church towards the practice is contributing as well. As Americans spread out away from their nuclear family, cremation is an increasingly-popular choice.


Popular and Cost-Effective

Many states in the U.S. boast a cremation rate over 70%, and that is because cremation costs can drop to as much as 1/3 of the cost of a traditional visitation, memorial and burial. Popularity continues to rise as individuals look for ways to remember their loved ones through personal remembrance options such as gorgeous memorial jewelry or urns that are displayed within the home.


Cremation Costs

How are crematoriums and funeral homes able to keep the costs so low? There are several factors that contribute to the reduced cremation costs: you don’t need to purchase an expensive metal casket, burial plot, headstone, or burial vault–all of which can add up to five thousand dollars or more. Cremation costs are often limited to the cost of cremation, the urn and casket rental, although the cost of urns can be higher depending on your choices.


Final Disposition of the Ashes

Many individuals are choosing cremation as it allows their ashes to be scattered throughout their favorite places, with popular locations being the beach, mountains or special valleys. Another trend is having loved ones take a final trip together to scatter ashes several different places where family spent time together vacationing. This option can serve as a way to grieve together while celebrating a life well-lived–something that can prove to be a comforting thought during your loved one’s final days.

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