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Comparing Funeral Homes

When purchasing goods, cost can be a big factor, but the value of savings dwindles when you are paying for a service. When you honor a loved one and gather to grieve for them, you only get one chance to have it done right. You want to be taken care of by a staff that gives you their full attention and works with you. The facilities should be clean and be able to accommodate relatives and friends for a small or large service. If you are comparing funeral homes, we encourage you to look beyond costs, look at the value of the services provided.

What should you consider when comparing funeral homes?

The Facility

  • Accessibility: Is it easy to find the building? Plentiful parking space? Is there a ramp or easy access for elderly or disabled visitors?
  • Cleanliness: What is the condition of the building, furnishing, and other equipment? Are the restrooms and chapel clean?
  • Comfort: Does the building feel spacious and homey or cramped? If you have your service here, is there enough seating for family and friends who may be attending?
  • Functionality: Is this just a funeral home or are they affiliated with a cemetery or crematory as well? Is there a chapel you may use for a funeral or memorial service? Is there a reception area available for after a service?

The Staff

  • Hospitality: When arriving, are you greeted and helped in a timely manner? Are you offered snacks and beverages if you need to wait for the right staff member to be available?
  • Attentiveness: Do you feel like you have the funeral director’s full attention? Are you being listened to? Are your questions being answered in full detail?
  • Accommodating: Is the staff able to help arrange for an officiant, clergy, or musician? Does the staff sound like they will help you add meaningful touches to a service such as arranging a dove release, put together a memorial video, or find centerpieces for a reception?
  • Availability: How quickly did you get a call back from or were connected with an Advanced Planning Specialist or Funeral Director? Did the staff member you were working with offer a cell phone number or email so you could directly contact them?


  • Funeral Directors: Is the person you are working with a licensed funeral director? Do they also have a cremation license? If they do, there is a far greater chance that the director you work with will be looking after your loved one through all steps of care and service.
  • Advanced Planning Specialists: If the funeral home also has a cemetery, these team members normally have a real estate license.
  • Notary: Is there a staff member able to notarize documents?
  • Other: In cases where a funeral home offers assistance with arranging a reception, are staff members food handler’s cards current?


  • Selection: Does their selection of goods reflect what you are looking for? If not, will the staff help you find what you are looking for elsewhere or with a new vendor?
  • Accommodating: Does the staff oppose or support your choice of purchasing goods elsewhere and bringing them in? Common items families ask to bring in include urns, keepsake jewelry, and register books.

Other Considerations

  • Religious and Cultural Accommodations: Does the funeral director understand your religious or cultural needs? If you or others need to wash, dress, or perform other final rites in a private setting, is there a room or area available? Is incense allowed for use within the chapel?

San Tan Mountain View encourages families to learn about our services, facility, cemetery, and staff. We also encourage families to compare us to other funeral homes by asking questions and getting a tour of the facility. We value the trust families have given us since 1951 and we will continue to provide the utmost care and respect towards valley families.

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