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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that the time of loss is a time for grieving and why now is an easier time to gather information and ask questions while your mind is clear. San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home will answer all of your questions with tenderness and care. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

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If you have a plan in place with San Tan Mountain View Funeral Home and you relocate in the future, we can help make the transition to your new area as smooth as possible. All of your personal information and choices are in your confidential file with us. That file can be transferred to a funeral home in your new area. If you move, but will have services and burial here, we will coordinate the details with the funeral home in your new area. People who have also guaranteed their costs by prepaying may be concerned about what happens to the money if they move. The funds are held under your name in an insurance policy. The only time they are released is when the death occurs and the survivors designate which funeral home provides the services. Therefore, the funds are safe and you maintain control.

Was the insurance policy specifically meant to pay for your funeral expenses, or was it also meant to be used by your family to cover on-going living and/or educational expenses? Those proceeds could also be held up in Probate when the death occurs and may not be readily accessible. This oftentimes creates an unnecessary hardship.

Having a Will is one of the first steps in Advance Planning. More times than not, Wills are not read until after the funeral. If you have a Will, you may want to record those same funeral wishes with a funeral home, so that the family will not have to do it at such a stressful time. In addition, most Wills do not specify what type of casket, vault or urn. Choosing those items at a time of need can be emotionally difficult.

That is a natural response from many children and other family members. What they are really saying is that they do not want to talk about such a difficult subject right now. If you have never had an experience in making funeral arrangements before, it is hard to imagine just how difficult making decisions at a time of need can be. They may not know it now, but planning ahead is a great gift to them.

Prepaying is not mandatory when preplanning, but we do offer several affordable options. A very good alternative to paying in full is a monthly payment program which, because of our own insurance licensing, we can offer. This allows you to pay a monthly payment on either a 3, 5, 7 or 10-year plan. Depending on your health situation upon inception, all or a good portion of the funeral costs would be covered through insurance protection should death occur during the payment period. Many people are taking advantage of this plan, reducing emotional and unnecessary financial burdens for their loved ones.

Whether you make a single payment or decide to take advantage of our monthly payment insurance program, the interest that accrues will be applied towards the then cost of your selected funeral at the time of need. If there are more funds than needed, the excess goes back to your survivors. If there is not enough in the account, and it was a guaranteed plan, then the funeral home absorbs the loss.

One of the great things about advance planning is its flexibility. All of the information that you record with us and the choices that you make can be updated and/or changed at any point.

In the State of Arizona, Title 19 (AHCCCS/Medicaid) is a program jointly funded by the State and Federal Government. In addition to other items, it provides payment for the cost of care in a nursing facility or in some cases, for skilled care at home. There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met to qualify and it is on an individual basis.The State of Arizona will allow an individual to also have an additional prepaid “Burial Space Items Account” with a funeral home. This account can include; funeral services, a burial plot, a mausoleum crypt or niche, a casket, an outer burial container, an urn, a headstone or grave marker, cemetery grave opening and closing charges. In essence, an individual can have the (2) separate accounts to pay for their funeral expenses when needed. The funds can be placed by the funeral home into either a trust account or an insurance funded account. Currently, The State of Arizona can also “look-back” to see whether an individual intentionally gave away money and/or property in order to qualify. Be sure to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in Elder law. When you make proper, informed arrangements in advance, you will find the processes much easier at a time of need.

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