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Funeral planning may seem like a depressing topic, but the reality is that your loved ones will appreciate you taking the initiative to reduce the number of decisions they need to make during an emotional time. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that everything goes exactly the way you would like. This includes the music played at the memorial service to the types of potatoes served at the reception. Your funeral reception is a time for friends and family members to reunite from across the country (or the world!) to celebrate a life well-lived. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re planning your funeral reception in advance.

Step 1: Find Plenty of Room

You may be surprised at the number of individuals who are interested in paying their respects at a funeral. Even if your funeral is not a spiritual event, you may find that a local church building is a great place to host your final party.

Step 2: Plan for Extra Food

We live in a society where people equate food with funerals, so be sure you plan ahead for the extra potatoes and salads that will be brought for sharing. Long, simple tables are the best way to provide adequate space for everything and allow guests to peruse the various options before making their selections.

Step 3: Consider Catering

Worrying about having enough food for unexpected guests is more stress than your family needs during a day when emotions are already running high. Consider catering or asking distant relatives or friends to help out and keep things moving. Depending on your family traditions, the party may turn into a high-spirited opportunity for people to share stories or a quieter meal that is more refined in nature. 

Advance planning for a funeral reception allows friends and family members to relax and enjoy themselves during a difficult time. Do you need additional ideas for planning a 
memorial service or burial? Contact the knowledgeable associates at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery today at 480-832-2850 or contact us via email at wecare@mvfuneralhome.com.