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Mesa Cemetery Peace of Mind

A Mesa cemetery should be a place where you can find comfort and seek solitude at the same time. A Mesa cemetery should surround you with beauty and serenity. And, lastly, a Mesa cemetery should bring you peace of mind when laying a loved one to rest or when you are visiting a gravesite to honor the memory of the departed.

Upon entering the grounds at Mountain View Funeral Home’s Mesa Cemetery, you will find all of the above and more. Immediately, you will be welcomed by the grandeur of our spectacular fountain, which is a recognized landmark in East Mesa. As you meander throughout the property, your eyes will cast upon the unique beauty of our 12 expansive Memorial Gardens. Among these gardens are those dedicated to a myriad of faiths. Our newest garden is the Latter-Day Saints garden. You will also find gardens designated as Christian, Catholic, Masonic, and Inter-Faith, just to name a few. Each garden consists of affordable ground spaces that are maintained year-round and covered with a rich, green lawn. Hundreds of pine, olive, and palm trees provide shade as a respite from the sun.

Our gardens also offer 12 spacious mausoleums featuring our newest Wall of Peace mausoleum, complete with a waterfall and gated alcove. It is a perfect place for meditation. Another mausoleum option is Mountain View’s Desert Star Memorial Chapel Mausoleum. A fully enclosed structure, this indoor mausoleum features crypts and niches and affords opportunities for graveside or committal services.

Cremation spaces available at our Mesa Cemetery include elegant, glass-front niches, as well as classic, granite-covered outdoor niches. As you explore the grounds, you will also notice cremation benches, executive niches, family cremation estates, and an ossuary. As well, our exclusive private estates, distinctively located in the center of our Mesa Cemetery, will also capture your attention as the ultimate in memorialization.

Along with the beauty of our Mesa Cemetery, you will also find comfort in knowing that our staff can assist you with all of your needs, either now or in the future. We invite you to compare our Mesa Cemetery and our affordability. For so many reasons, we think you will find peace of mind at Mountain View Funeral Home and our Mesa Cemetery.

Mesa Cemetery

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