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Urns & Remembrance Options

When forced to let go of those we love, it is common to cling ever tighter to memories shared. To help preserve those memories, families consider many remembrance options; memorial books, tribute and obituary pages, personalized markers, tokens or jewelry with personalized engravings. When the family chooses or honors the wish of having a loved one cremated, many other opportunities become available in the form of selecting an urn and keepsakes. This is in addition to other memorial jewelry and mementos available to all families seeking a way to memorialize their loved one and keep the good times close.


The choice of cremation brings an opportunity for families to select an urn most appropriate to their needs. Many families choose urns that uniquely reflect their loved one’s personality or interests. The majority of urns can also be personalized through engraving of names or images to create a truly one-of-a-kind memorial. We offer a complete line of urns at many prices and styles that can serve as a dignified final resting place or for temporary housing before scattering.

Types of Urns

Wood Urns
Wood urn can be made from every type of wood on Earth, with rosewood and oak being among the more popular choices. Generally, wood urns are adorned with inlays or laser etchings ranging from delicate patterns to detailed scenes and stained.

Ceramic Urns
These urns are handcrafted from porcelain or clay that is coated with a colorful glaze or painted scene, it is then heated in a special oven. The result is a fragile yet elegant urn with a glass-like finish.


Marble Urns
Designed to withstand the elements for generations, marble urns start off as blocks of natural limestone that are then highly polished and processed into a beautiful products.

Metal Urns
The most popular metal material for urns is bronze, but metal urns can also be made from brass, copper and pewter. They are polished and lacquered to become a durable, beautiful home for a loved-one’s ashes.

Bronze Urn
These marvelous pieces stand up well to the harshest elements — and develop a luxurious and valuable patina as they age — and that makes them fit for just about any memorial purpose imaginable.


Cloisonné Urns
This process of molding brass and enamel dates back to 14th century China. The result is a colorful and realistic picture or design upon a sturdy, beautiful work of art.


Glass Urns
Glass blowers across the world are becoming more and more proficient at producing these colorful works of art that are suitable for memorial displays. Some pieces can be made using tiny amounts of the deceased’s cremated remains as well.


Military & Veteran Urns
Military urns pay tribute to the heroes of America’s centuries-long defense of freedom, reflecting the great ideals upon which our soldiers base their lives.

Sports Urns/Hobby Urns
These urns are designed around the passions and hobbies of yourself or your loved one. Ranging from boasting support of your favorite team to reflecting time spent among trees or surrounded by baskets of yarn.


Companion Urn
These very special urns allow loving couples who have spent their entire lives together to remain together for eternity. Two models are available: double or single compartment.


Biodegradable Urns
Hand made from non-toxic paper, their careful construction prevents ashes from being haphazardly scattered by wind. For sea dispersions, biodegradable urns will be fully dissolved within three days of being placed in water.

Natural Salt Urns
Crafted from Himalayan rock salt, every urn has a unique pattern and coloration. They are safe for water disposition, dissolving in 4 hours. They also make for a beautiful final resting place if kept away from moisture.

Scattering Tubes
A scattering tube may serve as a beautiful temporary urn while the final tour and scattering arrangements are being made. Coming in a wide variety of designs, it is easy to find one that represents your loved one, their ideals, dreams or hobbies. Smaller scattering tubes are available for cases where only a portion will be scattered or for multiple scattering locations.

Mountain View Cemetery provides many options for housing urns  after a service or after the family has had time with their loved one at home, for those seeking a more public memorial location easily accessible by family and friends. We also offer scattering by air, usually over the Superstitions, but other arrangements can be made.


Memorial keepsakes or memento urns offer a way for families to uniquely and personally remember their loved ones. Cremated remains can often be divided among several keepsakes if siblings or other relatives desire to remember their loved one in this way. But memorial keepsakes are not strictly for cremation families. Fingerprint jewelry, candles & holders and other memorabilia allow any family or close friends a special means of preserving the memories of those dear to them.

We understand that the idea of mementos is not at the forefront of our families thoughts during their time of mourning. Though there may be limitations to later adding ashes to keepsakes, a wide selection of mementos remain available. As of June 2016, we have started keeping records of your loved one’s fingerprints. This keeps open the option of ordering personalized fingerprint jewelry at a future date.

Keepsake Urns
Ranging in size and complexity from smooth and fitting in your palm to an ornate foot tall statue, these miniature urns allow family members to keep their loved one close in a container that represents their relationship or the individual. Many of our urns do come in a keepsake size.

Keepsake Jewelry
Keepsake jewelry is created to hold a small portion of cremated remains. Available in a wide variety of designs and material, they are a unique and elegant way to hold a loved one close with a fashionable and lasting remembrance.

Fingerprint Jewelry
Fingerprint Jewelry is not typically designed to hold a portion of cremated remains, but is a gold or sterling silver pendants with your loved one’s fingerprint engraved in it. A special message may also be engraved on the back of the pendant. Available in men’s and women’s styles, including dog tags, bracelets and rings. Consider selecting a piece for each family member to share a special and lasting bond.

Rose Stem Keepsakes
These beautiful keepsakes symbolize love and memories shared that will last an eternity. Within the stem is space to hold your loved one’s ashes or soil from the grave or scattering site. Pewter roses are the most common, but rose stem keepsakes come in a variety of colors and metals as well.

Picture Frame Keepsake
As time passes, even some of our fondest memories may blur. Picture Frame keepsakes have a small compartment for your loved one’s ashes, keeping them close and preserving a special moment in time.

Candle Holders
Candle remembrances come in a variety of styles. As simple as a glass casing containing pictures and poems with a hollow center for candles or tealights. Or, customized stone cast candle holders with room for a picture and personalized engravings. Some may even allow for the option of storing a small portion of ashes.