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Why You Should Plan Ahead

Pre-Plan & Pay Online Now

When you lose someone special in your life your world is turned upside down, emotions are running high and it is a very stressful time. For us, there is nothing worse than watching a family struggling to make arrangements because there are no funeral plans in place. They grasp at fading memories for family information for the death certificates and scarce times when their loved one commented on mortality and their own wishes and beliefs. Worse yet, trying to figure out how to pay for the service they want when funds are limited.

Sadly this is a common reality we see. And though we can help alleviate some stresses and guide families towards sound decisions or financial assistance, we truly enjoy it when a family finds a final gift of love has been left to them in their time of need which takes care of nearly every detail.

Pre-Plan & Pay Online Now

Why it makes sense

  • Ensure your wishes are known
  • Time to compare options and prices to lay the foundations for a Celebration of Life
  • Counts as an exempt asset when applying for assistance
  • Plans are fully transferable should you leave the area
  • Everyone qualifies regardless of age, health, or credit
  • Save your loved ones from emotional overspending and additional stress

Are you sure I need this?

Only you have the answer to this question. Instead, here are a few questions to consider when preparing for what we all must face.

  • When I die, who is going to make my final arrangements?
  • Do they know if I want to be buried or cremated? My religious beliefs?
  • Do they know or have access to my family and personal information to complete a death certificate?
  • Are they going to be able to pay for a service?
  • How are they when under emotional duress?

When you meet with our Advanced Planning Specialists there is no charge for a consultation and no obligation to sign a contract with us. If more convenient for you and your family, our Specialists are able to come to your home, hospice, or other facility to help you start considering your options. We encourage you to begin the conversation and call us to receive the information that will guide you in a most helpful and gentle way.

Pre-Plan & Pay Online Now

Planning a funeral in advance goes beyond preparing a will or purchasing life insurance.

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