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Phoenix Funeral Homes | Holiday Grief

Phoenix funeral homesPhoenix funeral homes, such as Mountain View Funeral Home, understand that dealing with the anniversary of a loved one’s passing can be very difficult. This can be especially trying during the holidays…especially if it’s the first one since the loved one has been gone.

Preparing for the Death Anniversary Date

The best thing you can do is allow yourself to feel however you are going to feel. The absence of a loved one will be intensified during holiday celebrations, and your emotions are normal.  But once you understand that you’re about to enter a difficult period, you can prepare for it. Begin by embracing the good memories of past holidays. If unpleasant thoughts pop up, pass them on. Choose to dwell on the happier moments. Surround yourself with family and friends who love you and understand. They may also be feeling the loss, so you can be there to help support each other.  You can also seek some additional help, if necessary. Phoenix funeral homes can help you by recommending grief counselors and support groups.

Passing the Holiday

Remember that the days leading up to the holiday might be worse than the actual day itself. When it arrives, have a plan so that you won’t be taken by surprise with strong emotions. Include your loved one by setting a place at the table, lighting a memorial candle, sharing memories or by singing songs that the loved one particularly liked. Whether you choose to be alone on the anniversary of the death or holidays or with others, make sure that everyone around you knows. They might not fully understand but will want to be sensitive to your feelings and emotions. Remember, it is perfectly OK to feel how you feel. But, you also want to find ways to cope and move on with your life as that is what your loved one would want for you.

While we understand that losing a loved one is never easy, our caring and compassionate staff at Mountain View is always available to help however we can.

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