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Three Unique Gravesite Decorations

Selecting a gravesite marker and any decorations is the ideal way to capture a small portion of your loved one’s spirit. The hardest part is deciding which one to choose that represents them entirely. Fortunately, gravesite decorations are as diverse as humans are. With these three unique options, you can show your everlasting love and devotion to your loved one. 


Solar Powered Grave Decor

From a rose that never wilts to a cross that is lighted inside by the brightness of the sun, solar powered grave decor is a trend that provides a low-to-no maintenance option that is ideal for many gravesites. Keep in mind that some cemeteries limit the type of items that are placed within the grounds (for instance only live plants are allowed or vice versa).


Seasonal Decorations

A gravesite becomes a new home for your loved one. Many families enjoy the opportunity to continue celebrating the turning of the seasons with them. This could come in the form of tiny pumpkins for harvest festivals to mini trees or a wreath in remembrance for winter holidays. Consider roses or other flowers for Valentine’s Day or an American flag for Memorial Day. 


Commemorative Flags

If your loved one was in the military, you may already be planning to keep an American flag by their gravesite, but flags are ideal remembrances for everyone. A personalized flag can be designed and custom made as a semi-permanent reminder of your loved one’s personality and zest for life. Get creative — consider a fan flag for their favorite sports team or activity that can be placed on their gravestone at any time of the year. 


Need more ideas or inspiration? We will work with you to ensure you understand any limitations of the burial grounds you select and also to provide your loved ones with comfort and peace. Contact the staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery today to learn more at 480-832-2850, or visit us online for more information. 

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