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5 Things To Look For In A Funeral Home

Following the loss of a loved one, a family member is typically tasked with arranging funeral services. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we understand that choosing a funeral home is a very personal decision. Funerals provide relatives and friends an opportunity to reflect on the life of the deceased, to share fond memories and honor the difference he or she made in all your lives. It is a time not only of grief and loss, but of coming together as a family and community.

The first step when selecting a funeral home and final resting place for your loved one is to meet with a funeral director. This is a time to ask questions, as you want to ensure that your family member’s final wishes are met and the friends and those left behind are as comfortable as possible during the process. Whether you are making arrangements alone, or with the help of family and friends, these five considerations will help guide you to the ideal funeral home for your needs.

  1. The Right Location

Sometimes, families have an ongoing personal relationship with a local funeral home they contact after every family member passes away. Others have pre-arrangements. For the rest of us, location is a key factor in choosing a funeral home. Consider the proximity of family and friends. Are your loved one’s relatives able to travel for the funeral? Are most of the attendees centrally located? In some cases, two funeral homes are involved: The “first call” home that receives the body, and the one you select for funeral services.

  1. Comfort

It is important that you feel welcome and supported as you make final arrangements. Does the funeral home staff exude warmth and compassion? Is the business family-owned? The ideal funeral director will put your comfort first during this difficult time. Having onsite grief counselors can also help you, and your friend and family members, better cope with loss.

  1. Religious and Cultural Sensitivity

Many funeral and burial services involve religious components. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of a funeral director to ensure that your love one’s religious and/or cultural beliefs will be respected and upheld. Over the 60+ years we have been in business, Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery has welcomed a variety of religions and cultures. Our serene Mesa cemetery includes Catholic, Christian, Masonic and interfaith gardens, as well as an LDS (Mormon) area.

  1. Amenities for Guests

Look at the options offered by each funeral home (caskets, burial services, cremation facilities, cemetery plots, etc.) to determine if they have what you need. Visit or take an online tour to get a feel for the space. Can it comfortably fit the number of expected guests? You may also want to think through the practical needs of attendees, such as accommodations for disabled/elderly family members.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Ensure the funeral home’s pricing is in line with the budget you have available for funeral arrangements and burial or cremation. A funeral home should deliver comfort plus the required amenities at a good value for the money. Consider intangible, yet crucial, items such as 24-hour availability and excellent service reviews when choosing a funeral home.

Choosing the right funeral home isn’t an easy task, especially at a time when emotions are heightened and there is much to do. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we strive to help lift some of the weight off your shoulders. By keeping these five important things in mind, you can make the decision that’s right for yourself and your family as well as your loved one.


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