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Making Choices About Caskets

casketsChoosing a casket is an incredibly personal decision. While you don’t want your decision to be entirely financial, it does make sense to agree on the general range of what you would like to spend as you begin the planning process. Once you’ve made that important choice, our  helpful and knowledgeable staff at Mountain View Funeral Home will be able to assist you in finding the perfect final home.

A Personalized Resting Place

Whether you are planning ahead for yourself or your spouse or making a decision due to a loss, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing a casket. If you have a large family, it may make sense to get their suggestions or input. After discussion, some families even decide to move from a burial to a cremation, in which case our professionals can help create a fitting memorial for those you love right here at our facility. The staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery are also aware of the religious implications of various choices and can help you make a decision based on your faith background.

The Many Uses of Caskets

Caskets come in a wide variety, suitable to the varied uses such as burial directly in the ground, placement in a burial vault, or even being cremated with the body. Casket prices are determined by their size, hardware, and the material that they are made from, and can also vary greatly based on where you make your purchase. In general, caskets come in wood and a wide range of metal choices. Simple and biodegradable wooden caskets are still a very viable option and are perfect for many families.

Casket Size

Keeping casket sizes in mind is also important.  While it’s unfathomable to consider the death of a child, there are a wide variety of casket sizes from infant to adult and even oversized caskets available that will preserve the dignity and honor of your loved one.

Casket Materials

Wooden caskets are available in your choice of beautiful, natural materials: cherry, maple, mahogany, poplar, pine, walnut and even veneer. These finishes can be magnificent and highly polished or subtly finished with a satin oak grain. The most economical varieties of wood caskets are poplar, pine and veneer.

Metal caskets can be manufactured from bronze or copper, which are permanent and non-rusting materials of the highest quality and used for centuries in sculptures and monuments. Stainless steel is yet another rust-resistant option an provides exceptional value, while carbon steel or steel caskets are the most economical.

No matter your casket material and size choice, you will find a range of options as well as a caring and dedicated staff at Mountain View Funeral Home to help you make this momentous decision.

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