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Advance Planning | Difficult But Worth It

Advance Planning

Advance planning for your funeral is not necessarily a part of creating your will and finalizing your estate planning, but it’s not a bad idea to consider it at the same time. The emotional security provided by planning your funeral in advance often far outweighs the concerns–many of which are myths.

Difficult Conversations

We’re not going to lie, talking about advance planning for your funeral is likely to cause at least some of your family members to want to flee the room and cover their ears, but it’s still an important way to protect your family in the future. In the event of a devastating accident, advance planning can make the difference between a family that is scattered and confused, and one that is able to bond together in grief, knowing that there is no question about how their dearly departed would like to handle their funeral.

Financial Security

No matter how financially secure you are at the moment, nothing says that this will not change at a moment’s notice. Your level of financial security (or lack thereof!) should not be a reason to put off advance planning. Instead, it can provide you with an understanding of any saving that needs to be done, and keep you from becoming a financial burden to your family in the future.

Decisions, Decisions

Your final destination, much like your wedding, involves a number of intensely personal decisions. If you don’t want your children determining whether you will be buried, cremated or find your final resting place in a mausoleum then advance planning for your funeral is important. While some individuals would be fine with whatever their relatives decide, many people have strong feelings. Putting these feelings and ideas down on paper is one of the only ways to ensure that all your recommendations are followed at the time of your funeral service.

Selecting just the right service for yourself and to provide a positive environment for your family to grieve appropriately is important, and advance planning your funeral is the most effective way to remove the stress from an already-challenging time in a family’s life. Allow our personal funeral consultants to answer your questions about advance planning at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery.

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