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Advanced Planning Benefits

advanced planningLosing a loved one is very difficult, and the time surrounding the passing can be an extremely emotional period. If the one who has passed has already taken care of advanced planning, then it’s a huge relief to the friends and families. They have prepared lists of who to invite, they know what their loved one wanted and can follow through with the arrangements. They can contact the funeral home that was selected and everything will be taken care of. At Mountain View Funeral Home we are aware of what a comfort advanced planning can be. We will do everything to explain the choices and help you arrange the advanced planning that you would want.

Discussing the Options

If there has been no advanced planning, it’s a totally different story. In that case, the family members must discuss options and make decisions as to what type of service and burial the loved one would have wanted. There are so many different types of memorial and burial services to choose from and, unless the departed made their wishes known, it is often uncertain what kind of arrangements to make. For example, some people would want their memorial ceremony to be uplifting and to celebrate the way they lived their life. Others might wish for a more reserved type of service. You may also want to factor in the religious beliefs of the deceased when making decisions about interment.

Services Available with Advanced Planning

If you want to plan your own funeral arrangments, we are available at Mountain View Funeral Home to help you make those important choices. Services that can be preplanned include the atmosphere you want, the special music or songs and the type of burial. If you choose cremation, then there are even more choices to make, and they are best made by you. You can have a memorial where the body can be seen before cremation or you might prefer only a burial service with the ashes. Other cremation options involve scattering the ashes, the type of urn or storage in the home of a family member.

Whatever you choose, at Mountain View Funeral Home we are here to help you through all the necessary steps for advanced planning.

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