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Advice From Our Funeral Home

funeral homeIf there is one thing we have learned after 60-plus years as a family-owned and operated funeral home, it is that life is precious. Thanks to advancements in medical care and sanitation average life expectancies have increased. Even still, the truth is that none of us know how long we, or our loved ones, will live. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we believe it is important to make the most of the time we have with those we love. We have put together a short list of a few steps you can take to treasure the relationships in your life.

Express Your Feelings

After a loved one passes, it is common to experience regret for things that have been left unsaid. While it is important to realize that you can never really say all you might want, expressing your feelings often can lessen any regret or remorse you may feel if a loved one dies unexpectedly. Take the time to tell those you love how you feel. After a loss, no one regrets saying “I love you” too many times.

Stay in Touch

Email and phone calls are all great ways to connect with the people you love. And, social media has radically increased our ability to find, reconnect with, and stay in touch with friends and family members. Those who have known us for years can provide comfort and help us better understand ourselves. And, in turn, you never know a simple phone call or a personal message on Facebook may be just the thing to make someone’s day. Don’t let the passage of time and a busy schedule keep you from reaching out to loved ones.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

While social media, emails, and phone calls are wonderful ways to stay in touch, there is nothing like time spent together in person to create cherished memories. Unfortunately, it is really easy to get caught up in the busy routine of daily life. It takes effort to make spending time with friends and family a priority. It is, however, effort that is well worth it. After a loved one passes, many of us would do anything to have just one more day with the deceased. Sadly, at that time, we do not get one more day.

Take the time today to tell people you love them, call an old friend, or share a meal with family. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we witness the sadness, grief, and regret that accompanies the loss of a loved one. We understand that life is precious and encourage you to treasure your loved ones today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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