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Arizona Funeral Homes | Scattering Ashes

Arizona funeral homes offer many options for memorializing your loved one. Something that more and more people seek are places to scatter ashes. There are many people who make specific requests before their passing about where they would like to have their ashes scattered.  Others leave that up to the people they leave behind. Here are some ideas for beautiful and meaningful places to scatter ashes in Arizona:

From the air – There are services that take you in a plane above your favorite Arizona locations and allow you to release the remains into the air. Costs vary depending on the location you chose. A sunset flight can be particularly beautiful.

Sedona – The peace and beauty of Sedona attracts many people who want to be remembered there. There are many beautiful hiking trails that feature peaceful places to stop and hold your private ceremony. Arizona funeral homes all over the state provide cremation services.

Grand Canyon – The majestic Grand Canyon is a popular place to scatter ashes. There can be crowds there, of course, but if you take some time to walk around you can find a private location. You can start with walking eastward from Yavapai Observation point and stop when you find a quiet, comfortable spot.

Lake Powell – Lake Powell is 186 miles long and features many gorgeous places to scatter ashes. Whether you are on a boat, or on the beach or hiking, you can find lovely outlooks away from crowds to hold your ceremony.

Here at Mountain View Funeral Home, one of the most widely known Arizona Funeral Homes in the Phoenix area, our traditional offerings include the 12 burial gardens, 19 mausoleums and thousands of niches. We are also available to help guide you through the cremation process and explain to you all of the options that Arizona funeral homes, such as Mountain View, have to offer.



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