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Best Funeral Home | Distant Relative Funerals

best funeral homePeople are living longer than ever before. Access to high-quality health care, a better variety of foods, and the easy availability of prescription medications means that our quality of life is extended even into our late 80’s and 90’s – sometimes even beyond. However, the reality behind this trend is that distant relatives may outlast their close families members. When these relatives pass away without making funeral arrangements ahead of time, it may be left to you to work with the best funeral home to create a meaningful service to celebrate the life of someone with whom you did not have the opportunity to spend a great deal of time.

There are many ways that we can create a beautiful end of life funeral service and memorial for someone who was other than a close friend or relative. Here are a few ways that you can allow them to leave this life with the dignity and respect that their lives deserved.

Non-Denominational Eulogy

If you do not know a great deal about the deceased and their likes and dislikes, there are many non-denominational pastors who would be willing to work with you to craft a service that would be non-offensive no matter the religious bent of the deceased. Alternatively, you could deliver the eulogy yourself, or ask that the funeral home to help provide a special service that will fit your needs. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery has a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you every step of the way.

Beautiful Songs

Possibly one of the most traditional song for funerals is Amazing Grace, and it is incredibly moving and meaningful. Another beautiful option is How Great Thou Art, both of which can be used in Christian and even in non-denominational services. There are also more contemporary songs that you may feel bests suits the departed. Whatever you choose, you will want it to be undeniably stirring and powerful.

Classic Flowers

It’s important to know the meaning of flowers before you make a choice. However, when in doubt, the best funeral home will provide you with options from which to choose. Lilies are the go-to flower for funerals, and their classic beauty suggests peaceful innocence. A peace lily plant can also symbolize a return to innocence and the rebirth of a soul.  Roses, especially white roses, are the ultimate symbol of purity, while a red rose evokes deep grief. Orchids mean “I love you”, and the meaning of chrysanthemums is a focus on honor and sympathy. Any of these options, or a combination of several, would be suitable for the funeral of a distant relative.

Creating a meaningful end of life celebration or funeral service for a distant relative can be a great opportunity to remind others of their kindness, gentle soul and good works. Working with the best funeral home in Mesa, Mountain View Funeral Home,  will allow you to tailor a service that will leave mourners at peace.

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