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Caskets & Famous Funerals

casketsChoosing a funeral home is an important decision. When you look to the staff from Mountain View Funeral Home, we will provide caring and compassionate assistance and help answer questions about services, caskets, and funeral arrangements. We understand that everyone deserves the same care and respect, regardless of whether the funeral is private or receives international attention.

Famous Funerals

One of the most famous funerals in the last 20 years was for the much loved Princess Diana. Diana, who was known as “the People’s Princess”, died on September 6, 1997 in a tragic car crash in Paris. Her funeral procession drew about three million mourners, not to mention those all around the world who watched as her flower-adorned casket made it’s way through the streets of London and to her final resting place.

Although his interment was private, another celebrity whose 2009 funeral drew nearly a million fans to the Staples Center in Los Angeles was Michael Jackson. This funeral, where celebrities from all walks of life paid tribute to the pop star, was also broadcast live around the world.

And, over this past weekend, our nation mourned as we watched the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. His funeral service was held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Father Paul Scalia, one of Justice Scalia’s nine children, presided over the 90-minute service that was attended by many in the Washington political community.


What do each of these funerals have in common? The families of each of the well-known public figures needed help to make the arrangements, choose caskets, and plan services for their loved ones…just as any one of us would for a member of our own family. The passing of a loved one brings people together, no matter who they are–and help from funeral directors and professionals is needed in every case.

Choosing a Funeral Home to Help

Working with a family owned funeral home will help ensure you and your family are provided with the individual attention you need as you deal with the loss of your loved one. In addition to choosing caskets, you may also consider adding special touches to your loved one’s funeral. Using special flowers or including special hobbies or interests in the service will help make your loved one’s funeral unique. No matter how small or how large your funeral service will be, Mountain View Funeral Home is here to help make the experience as easy as possible. Our concierge services include making reservations at a nearby restaurant after the service or even picking up family members from the airport to reduce stress on the day of the funeral. When you find yourself in need of a quality and caring full service funeral  home, we are here to help.

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