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Cemeteries Mesa AZ | Decisions

Cemeteries Mesa AZ offer the option for in-ground burial or cremation when someone passes away. If you’re pre-planning your own funeral arrangements or those of a loved one, deciding between these options may take some consideration. There are reasons why people choose one or the other. The decision is truly a personal thing.

Throughout history, many factors, including custom, tradition, and religion, have dictated whether bodies are buried or cremated. These factors are still playing a part in the decisions that people make today at cemeteries Mesa AZ. But there are other considerations that can affect someone’s decision. They are listed below:

Respect for the body: To some, allowing the body to naturally decay shows respect for the individual and their body. To others, cremation is viewed as a sign of reverence.

Viewing the body: In many cases, cremation is not considered because of a commonly held misconception that no viewing takes place before cremation. In truth, both burials and cremation can take place with or without a visitation or funeral service.

Physical location: Choosing the option for burial in cemeteries Mesa AZ, for example, can provide comfort to those left behind. Having their loved one is laid to rest in an identifiable gravesite allows for a place to visit and reflect. But, burying cremated remains in an urn is also an option that allows for the same opportunity for visitation and reflection. Urns can be buried in a crypt or niche at cemeteries Mesa AZ, such as Mountain View. Cremation urns can also be kept at home. As well, ashes can be scattered at sea or another favorite location as a way to pay tribute to a loved one.

Environmental concerns: There are many who cite environmental concerns for their choice between burial and cremation. Both sides claim various reasons for their decision to either bury or cremate the body. It all depends on your perspective as to the choice that may work best for you.

Religious beliefs: As already mentioned, religious beliefs can play a big part in how a body is laid to rest or cremated. In many Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, cremation is required. The Jewish religion has traditionally frowned on cremation, although some Reform Jews do allow it. Islam strictly forbids cremation. Beliefs vary among Christians depending on the denomination.

Funeral homes and cemeteries Mesa AZ are able to assist you with whatever decision you make. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we offer as full selection of caskets and urns for you to choose from. We also offer several options for burial plots, crypts, and niches. Additionally, we are one of the few cemeteries Mesa AZ that have a crematory on site should you make the decision for cremation. Our goal is to make all of your decisions easier by providing all services here at our location.

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