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If your loved one has selected cremation after passing or if you’re preparing for a future cremation, there are a variety of columbariums available at Mountain View Funeral Home. Cremation is a growing choice after passing and has become more accepted in many religions. Cremation reduces a body to its natural elements, without using chemicals. Unlike many funeral homes, Mountain View Funeral Home operates our own crematory inside our facility. This means your loved one is in our facility throughout the entire process. You have the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being treated with the highest respect and care.

After a cremation, Mountain View Funeral Home offers several options for remains including columbariums. The term columbarium comes from the Latin word columba, which means dove. Today, columbariums are specially designed areas that have cremation niches (small compartments) to hold urns, cremated remains and family mementos. A columbarium can be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an indoor or outdoor setting. All of our mausoleums have columbariums with niches. Private family columbariums are available and can be as small as two niches. They can also stand alone.


In addition to columbariums, Mountain View Funeral Home offers additional options for remains after a cremation:

  • Cremation benches include areas for the cremated remains. They are a wonderful tribute set in a peaceful outdoor setting.
  • Glass-front niches are available in the Desert Star Mausoleum. Glass-front niches provide a unique way to pay tribute to your loved one and preserve special memories.
  • Bronze cremorials are for families or individuals who prefer ground burial after a cremation. An urn fits into the tamper-proof bronze memorial.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is here to help you and your family through the cremation process and choices for the remains, such as columbariums. Contact us today at (480) 832-2850 or at (866) 684-1951.

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