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Cost of Cremation | Your Decision

cost of cremationThe cost of cremation is not the only reason people are making this very personal decision, but it can certainly be a factor. Whether pre-planning or making a decision for a loved one, people are increasingly choosing cremation for their final disposition.

Cost of Cremation

Granted, the cost of cremation is generally 40-50% lower than a more traditional burial. It does not necessarily require a headstone or a grave and many families skip the embalming step as a non-essential. When considering budgets, sometimes cremation may be a more attractive option.


Some people prefer cremation simply because there is the perception that fewer emotions are tied to the act of cremation. An open casket tends to evoke strong feelings, and the emotional cost of cremation is lower and even more compact. Conversely, a family member may choose to cremate when they want to feel the closeness of their deceased loved one as urns containing their remains can be stored in nearly any location.

Religious Customs

In many other countries, such as India and Japan, cremation is a standard practice. However, there are some religions that frown upon or outright forbid cremation for final disposition. Various denominations of Christianity are open to the practice, with some Protestant religions even creating special liturgies for the service. (For more information on religious customs, click here.)

Fear of Burial 

Claustrophobia is an incredibly powerful fear, and can follow us even to the grave. If the thought of being buried beneath the earth for eternity is untenable, cremation is a strong alternative.

Preference for Scattering

Many people have a special place that has incredible meaning in their life, and the thought of scattering their final remains with the dust or water allows them peace. Cremation allows loved ones the flexibility of defining the final disposition of remains in a one-of-a-kind memorial.

Learn more about the cost of cremation and how it can be incorporated into your memorial service by contacting the professional and caring staff at Mountain View Funeral Home.

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