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Creating A Specialized Funeral Service

When you experience a loss, planning a funeral can be an extremely cathartic experience–allowing you the time and space to think about your lost loved one and how to celebrate their life in a way that is uniquely theirs. A specialized funeral service provides you the opportunity to define an end of life celebration that will be remembered. One of the things that you can do is to create custom funeral cards as a takeaway from the memorial service.


Gathering Information

Before you begin designing a funeral or memorial card, you’ll first want to gather some photos that could be used both in the specialized funeral service and as part of the card itself. Many people choose a recent picture and then a few favorite pictures from throughout the life of the deceased. You can include key life moments such as a wedding, birth of a child, college graduation or first vehicle. When you are celebrating someone from a previous generation, it is good to ask family and friends to share photos since early photos may be a bit harder to come by.


Crafting a Theme

A specialized funeral service often works well when you have a theme associated with the service and the cards, to pull everything together. If your loved one was an avid fisherman, for example, you could have flowers and displays in a fishing theme and even include graphics around fishing on the memorial card. Add in some prayers, songs or special sayings around fishing, and you’re nearly finished with your planning. Other themes could include sports (or a specific sports team), children, pets or a lifelong dream–whether or not it was recognized.


Finding the Right Words

Selecting words that will help people along the healing process can be quite challenging and may take up the majority of your time. When you’re crafting a specialized funeral service, you will likely spend a good deal of time on Google, looking for snippets and details that you can add to the service to make it memorable. And, again, enlisting the help of family and friends to share stories can help you create a memorable specialized funeral service.

Pulling everything together requires time and effort, but having a tangible memorial card that you can keep and refer back to will eventually bring a smile to your face and those of your guests as you consider all of the happy memories that were made together. If you have questions about a specialized funeral service, contact Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. Our caring and supportive staff is here to help you however possible.

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