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Cremation Costs & Memorials

Cremation costs are one reason that people make the decision for cremation for their final disposition. Of course, just because you choose cremation, it does not mean that you cannot have a formal memorial or funeral service. In fact, because cremation costs are roughly 1/3 of the cost of traditional burial, those who do choose cremation often find it easier to make arrangements for additional services while still keeping their costs to a minimum.

Here are some cost-effective ideas for meaningful memorials when choosing cremation:

Personal Displays

Whether planning a funeral service or a celebration of life, a custom display can provide an intimate look into the life of the deceased. You can set up tables with collections, awards, and special personal belongings. Another idea is to theme a memorial to highlight a particular hobby or interest. For example, if you the decedent loved gardening, you can include their favorite plants or flowers throughout the room. If baseball was a favorite pastime, you can display baseball equipment or memorabilia from a favorite team.

Photo Tributes

Scrapbooks, photo boards, or enlarged photographs can provide ways to experience the person’s life over the course of many years. Visual memories are especially significant for families and friends whose loved one has chosen cremation.


Video presentations are a popular option for remembering the life of a loved one. They can be especially impactful when set to favorite music. If you are considering a video far enough ahead of time, it is helpful to prepare in advance by taking photos and collecting those from the person’s life you wish to memorialize when the time comes.

Scattering of Remains

You may choose to scatter all or some of the deceased’s remains. It is important to do this in an area where it is permitted. When scattering remains, you may want to keep this a smaller, more intimate event with just close family and friends. Saying a few words or reciting a poem can add special meaning and a sense of closure.

If you have any further questions about memorials, cremation, or cremation costs, please contact us at Mountain View Funeral Home.


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