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Why Cremation? | Donations & Flowers

Why cremation – of all the possible end-of-life options? It may not be your preference, but since your loved one requested it, you intend to comply with their wishes.

But what do you do when it comes to accepting gestures from family and friends? Is this OK when your loved one is cremated?

Flowers are always a thoughtful way to express sympathy. Donations are also quite acceptable.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers the following recommendations:

  • Flower arrangements are acceptable for the memorial services, but attendees will not view the actual cremation – only immediate family, if desired.
  •  Often times, floral arrangements are placed around a photo or picture of the dearly departed.
  • If you opt to have an inurnment service, you can also suggest that it would be nice to have attendees at the ceremony bring a single bloom/rose to place at the site, as a way to say ”goodbye.” They can be given a choice between this and the flower arrangement at the memorial service if you would like.
  • It is also appropriate to indicate that donations in the departed’s name be made to a favorite cause, charity, or organization that is related to the cause of death. This can provide an option to do something meaningful. not just symbolic.

If the deceased was partial to certain kind of plants or flowers,  you can let people know in advance. There are some religions that may not find flowers acceptable at a cremation – like Hinduism. However, Western religions do not have this issue.

Under most circumstances, attendees have the same choices for showing they care as they would for a traditional funeral service. However, it is a common concern. It is almost as common as the question – Why cremation?

If you have questions about why cremation is chosen over a funeral, or cremation memorial etiquette, our compassionate staff is pleased to assist you. We are here to ensure that all of your requests are met with the utmost attention to detail. You can reach us at 480-832-2850 or toll free at: 1-866-684-1951.



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