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Cremation or Burial | Talking with Parents

cremationThere is so much emotion tied up in the thought of funeral planning: love, loss, grief, and always the desire for more time on this Earth with your loved one. Speaking with your family about death and dying can hit really close to home, and may leave us facing our own mortality in a new and different way. However, having the conversation about funeral planning, and even getting down to the details of whether your parents would prefer cremation or a traditional burial, can be a way to help you begin to cope emotionally with the inevitable future without your parents.

Planning as a Family

If you have siblings, having the conversation as a full family unit can save a lot of confusion or hard feelings in the future. If you have a parent who is adamant about cremation, or feels very strongly about where they are buried, then it can help soothe any hard feelings by having everyone hear your parent’s wishes first hand. When you are already broken-hearted is not the time to hear about your parent’s funeral requests which may be non-traditional or something that you are just unable to process during that difficult time.

Pre-Planning is Critical

Did you know that there are over 150 different decisions to be made around funeral planning? Everything from the type of flowers, to whether you want to choose cremation and have your ashes scattered in a particularly beloved place, to which songs should be sung at your funeral and by whom. Having your parents lay out what would be their ideal service allows time to think and make changes instead of making split-second decisions at the last moment which could potentially lead to regrets or missed opportunities to honor their amazing legacy.

Find a Partner You Trust

Pre-planning a funeral can be a stressful conversation to have, but as long as you approach it with dignity, care, and love, you will likely find that your parents are open and may have already started the planning on their own without letting you know. Part of the planning process is making arrangements with a specific funeral home in order to ensure that your parents receive the respectful care that will maintain their dignity throughout the memorial service and beyond. Our caring and empathetic staff at Mountain View Funeral Home & Cemetery is ready and willing to help support you and your family, answer any questions and provide details and planning tools that will help you make the best decisions.

While it may not seem like it now, funeral planning not only takes a great deal of pressure off of you, but also allows your parents the peace of knowing that their final arrangements will be a time of harmony and love instead of conflict and confusion. Please let us know if you have any questions about cremation or traditional burial. We are here to help.

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