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Cremation Service | Growing Trend

Cremation is a growing trend in the United States, and one of the reasons why a cremation service is so popular these days is because of the low environmental impact. New cremation techniques are valued for a variety of reasons, and they are also significantly less expensive than a traditional ground burial. Cremation is also becoming a much more socially-acceptable option for families, with nearly half of the individuals in the U.S. currently choosing cremation. Here’s some of the reasons why you may want to consider a cremation service.


Environmental Impact of Burial

When a body is buried, there are many different elements that are buried with the body. While this may seem like the most natural option, there are a number of different chemicals and unnatural products that are introduced into the environment with the common practice of burial. Even if your body is encased in a casket and also a burial vault, the embalming fluid will still leach out into the ground–and over 800,000 gallons of it are introduced into our land each and every year. Hardwoods and all of the solvents used to preserve them are also re-introduced to the soil, along with millions of pounds of human-modified steel, copper and bronze. Even when you make an effort to have a natural burial, there are still many products introduced into the earth–not to mention all of the land needed to contain burial sites.


Impact of Cremation

Cremation services are considered a more eco-friendly alternative, but it is certainly not perfect. The energy required for cremation comes out as a greenhouse gas and particulates that contain heavy metals are often released into the air as well. However, with a cremation service you will not be utilizing land for long-term burial and storage of the body.

There are always impacts on the environment regardless of your choice. While a cremation service is generally considered to be the least impactful, there are things that you can do with any service that will help your final goodbye be kinder to the world left behind. Ask our friendly concierge team for more information.

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