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Cremation Urns To Match Personality

In previous centuries, cremation urns were basically a storage medium for the cremated remains (cremains) of a loved one. Today there are many different options for non-traditional cremation urns. Finding just the right urn based on your needs may feel challenging, but with assistance from the professionals here at Mountain View Funeral Home, you’ll soon find the ideal final home for your loved one that really expresses their personality and style.


Urn Size

The single most important factor when selecting a cremation urn is the size of the vessel and how it will be used. Options available include: companion urns, individual urns, and keepsake urns or even memorial jewelry. In general, you’ll need an urn that is one cubic inch per pound of pre-cremation body weight for an individual, or a little less. If your loved one weighed 160 pounds, you’ll need an urn with at least 160 cubic inches of space available. Having an urn that is larger than needed is not considered a problem.


Types of Urns

With all types of options available from a simple wooden box urn to a fully decorated, painted and engraved vessel, you will have plenty of choices for your loved one. You can even commission a custom piece to show your respect and love. Materials include metal, glass, ceramic, wood, stone or a mixture of the various options. Your cremation urn options are limited only by your imagination.


Showing Support for the Environment

Environmentally friendly urns are among the most popular options available today, as more people wish to dedicate themselves to the earth and make a final statement about their love for the world. Biodegradable urns can be used for scattering ashes at sea and many will be fully degraded in less than one week.


Sport and Hobby Urns

Your loved one may have been dedicated to a particular sport or team during their life, and displaying this love in a long-term fashion can be accomplished by selecting a more colorful or shaped hunting, fishing, or hobby urns such as those commemorating knitting or even dance.

Once you’ve determined the size of the cremation urn that is needed, the sky is literally the limit for the type of urn that you select. Keep personality in mind and don’t be afraid to go for a non-traditional option. Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery offers a full crematory, and you’ll find plenty of remembrance options as well. Selecting a cremation urn for your loved one can bring back many good memories, and allow you to make a final expression on their behalf about a life full of joy.

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