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Crematory | Supporting a Grieving Friend

crematoryA good friend has lost a close family member, and they are deep in what seems like inconsolable grief. How do you know what to do or what to say without making the situation worse for them? You may feel as though you are intruding on a personal family time. But as a caring friend, you want to help. Chances are, your friend will likely appreciate the effort that you make to support them during a difficult time. You will never be able to take the pain of their loss away completely, but you can let them know that you care. You can also help your friend with funeral arrangements. Working with Mountain View Funeral Home  is one way to learn the different types of service options that are available. For example, we offer both traditional burial and cremation services with our own on-site crematory.

Understanding Grief

Feelings of anger, despair, guilt, and fear are not unexpected when someone is dealing with grief and while there are predictable stages in the grieving process, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Just as there are no orderly or concrete ways to get through the grieving process, there is also no timetable. Support your friend as long as they are upset. The one thing to avoid is pressuring the bereaved to move on.

Listen with Compassion

Well-meaning people may avoid talking about the death or mentioning the deceased, and while you shouldn’t force someone to open up, it is good to listen and speak candidly and in a positive light about the deceased. Acknowledge and accept feelings; letting your friend know that it is okay to be sad. Allow them to express their feelings without judgment, but also be willing to sit in silence with them if that is their preference.

Offer Practical Assistance

When your friend has lost a close loved one, such as a parent, spouse or child, they may be feeling completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with life. In this time of crisis, they may not even be able to adequately express their needs. This is one of those times in life when you may just have to step into their life and give them the support that they do not even know that they need. Be there for your friend as long as it takes, and don’t make them answer the question “What can I do for you?”, because chances are that they cannot even answer that question. Help run errands, bring over groceries or dinner, or help pick up children from school or at sporting events.

Finally, you can help support your friend with a personal remembrance. There are many different options available at Mountain View Funeral Home, so you are sure to find just the right option to support them in their time of grief.

For more information, please contact us at Mountain View Funeral Home. We will put you in touch with a funeral director who can answer your questions about traditional burial and crematory services.

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