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Custom Funerals Create Special Memories

Custom funerals can turn any standard funeral into a personalized memorial that truly honors the legacy of your loved one. Many people may wonder what we do at Mountain View Funeral Home to create custom funerals. Truly, there are so many options. Custom funerals can be as varied and unique as the individuals who are being honored.

To create a memorable funeral or memorial service, there are two things you may want to consider. The first revolves around your loved one’s life and personality. Think about what made them so special to you or what they enjoyed doing or how they dedicated their lives. These are the things you can use to help personalize their funeral. You can display items that reflect special parts of your loved one’s life. Including favorites songs or hymns, memorabilia from a cherished hobby, and special photos that chronicle your loved one’s life can really help those at the funeral feel your loved one’s presence.

The second part to planning custom funerals is including some special touches that will help to create symbolic and lasting memories for you, your family and your friends. For example, a dove release is a special added touch that we offer at Mountain View Funeral Home. A dove release is a beautiful tradition by which to remember someone. It can bring peace and comfort to those in mourning. Another added touch that is quite unique is a motorcycle-drawn hearse. While some may consider this unusual, it is the perfect tribute to a departed motorcycle enthusiast. The ideas and possibilities are really endless.

Planning the details for custom funerals may take a little extra time, but involving family and friends will help make your planning a little easier.  Including others can also be a special way to bring people together during a difficult time.   Of course, we understand that funeral planning can be quite emotional. But that is why we are in the business of being there for you, as well.  Our goal is to help you bring honor and dignity to your loved one and to help you remember them in a way that uniquely expresses their life.

Custom funerals

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