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Custom Funerals

Working with families to create custom funerals has become a specialty for us at Mountain View Funeral Home. We have found that arranging custom funerals can truly make the difference in how a loved one’s life is remembered.

During the arrangement conference, we sit down with families to get to know more about them and the deceased. Learning about hobbies, interests, work, and favorite pastimes plays a huge part in creating custom funerals. In doing so, we are able to add special touches to the memorial that are heartfelt and memorable.

Over the years, Mountain View Funeral Home has helped to organize some very unique and personalized custom funerals. For example, while talking to one family, we learned that their loved one was one of the originators of dwarf racecars.   We also learned that they still had a few of his cars in their possession. So, we collectively decided to park a couple of the cars in front of the chapel for the service. As word of this unique display got around, friends of the deceased asked if they could bring their dwarf racecars, as well. All in all, there were 10 dwarf racecars present to honor and celebrate the legacy of the man who helped to create them. The family was so touched by this tribute. As well, it was very comforting for the family to have fellow dwarf racecar enthusiasts share their cars and their love for the deceased.

On another occasion, a younger man who had passed away after battling cancer was honored by having his beloved bike positioned right next to his casket in the front of the chapel. This bike was one that the man had worked long and hard to acquire. He loved it so much that his family even considered it as part of the family. So, it was a natural thing to have it be a part of the funeral service.

Custom funerals can be anything from including horses to having caskets placed on the back of a truck to incorporating a motorcycle hearse. These are all actual examples of custom funerals we have had at Mountain View. As we see it, personalizing a funeral is only limited by one’s imagination. At Mountain View, we want to make sure that every effort is made to serve our families, meet their needs, and honor their loved ones in any way that we can.

custom funerals

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