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Customized Funerals For Spouses

customized funerals

Customized funerals can be a truly wonderful way to honor the unique memory of a loved one. However, when that loved one is your spouse, it may seem more overwhelming because there are so many details about their life that are special to you. Finding the right way to memorialize your husband or wife, however, can be made simpler when you have others to assist you.

Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery is experienced in organizing every type of funeral or remembrance service you can imagine, including customized funerals. Our professional and compassionate staff is glad to help you with the process.

Here are a few inspirational ideas that may help you honor your spouse in a truly special way:

  • Make a Memory Table (or two)

A memory table offers a variety of options. It is helpful in creating flexibility when you want to share more details about your spouse. You can even set up multiple stations to symbolize different parts or passions of your spouse’s life.

  • Decorate in Their Style

Change out some of the viewing room’s décor with decorations that your spouse liked at home. These can be photos, pictures, collections, a favorite vase or signature clothing.

  • Outdoor Remembrance

If your spouse was a gardener or nature lover, you may opt to have their funeral service outside. Make trees a focal point by hanging photos, flowers and memory card from the branches.

  • Give the Family the Floor

Consider changing up the standard eulogy. Have friends and family share their personal thoughts about your loved one. This can help them grieve publicly and express themselves, as well as offer some different perspectives about your spouse for others present.

We at Mountain View Funeral Home hope the above ideas give you some helpful focus and inspiration. Should you have any questions about customized funerals, please contact us. Our caring staff is pleased to assist you in your time of need.

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