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Dove Release & Other Ways To Remember

When you’re planning a one-of-a-kind funeral service or memorial, you want to make sure it honors your loved one appropriately. You want to beautifully reflect the personality and life of your loved one. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery, we offer everything from motorcycle motorcades to a dove release to honor your family member in a special and momentous manner.


Moving On

A release of white doves can be a stunning display of beauty that can allow family members to grieve and then understand that it is okay to move on with their lives. This inspirational gift allows viewers to start to let go, while still gathering up all of the special memories of their beloved. When released, the doves will circle the outdoor area several times before departing en masse for their home.


Floral Tributes

Visual displays of flowers can be incredibly impactful, and make a statement about your loved one while bringing comfort and peace to those attending the memorial service or burial. Our friendly and attentive staff at Mountain View Funeral and Cemetery can help you with flower selection as well as creating the ideal display for your particular needs. We recommend silk flowers for their ability to weather the elements and for the lasting nature.



If your loved one loved the feel of wind in their hair as they cruised along on their favorite bike, nothing is more fitting than a motorcyle-drawn hearse as a special tribute. Our funeral directors can share information about the different options available to personalize your memorial or graveside service.

When you have questions about options such as a motorcycle-drawn hearse or a lovely and calming dove release, contact our professional staff for more information. Normal hours business hours are available for our concierge desk team, but we can answer your questions about service and advanced planning anytime 24/7 on our answering service.

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