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East Valley Cemeteries | Burial

East Valley cemeteries provide many options for ground burial. The decision to choose ground burial, when pre-planning or for a loved one, is typically rooted in tradition or religious beliefs. But ground burials can be chosen for any other number of reasons.

Ground burial, in East Valley cemeteries or elsewhere, is a centuries-old practice. For some, ground burials signify respect for the dead. Several faiths and cultures believe that the body is a temple to the spirit and should be treated respectfully.  As well, there are some cultures and religions that look at burial as a gateway to the afterlife. Burial, along with funerals, can also be seen as a way to bring closure for family and friends.

East Valley cemeteries provide a wide variety of choices for traditional ground burials. At Mountain View Cemetery in Mesa, for example, we offer several options to allow for personal preference.  Such options include many casket and personalized memorial selections. We also offer affordable ground spaces in any one of our 12 spacious and beautifully landscaped memorial gardens. Our gardens include those dedicated to Christian, Catholic, LDS, Masonic, and inter-faith beliefs.

Family estate sections are also available at Mountain View Cemetery. Family estates allow family burials sites to be located together in one shared area. They are often bordered by special landscaping or architectural elements to create a unique, designated setting. Family estates are not only an exceptional way to preserve family heritage, but also maintain an historical resting place for future generations.

When looking for East Valley cemeteries, we welcome you to call us at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. Since, 1951, our family owned and operated business has been serving East Valley families with ground burials and other forms of interment. Our experienced staff provides caring and compassionate attention during what is one of life’s most challenging trials.

East Valley cemeteries

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