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Finding Comfort In A Grief Support Group

The loss of someone close to you is always difficult. While some people find it helpful to handle their grief privately, many people benefit significantly from connecting with others who are experiencing the same thing. One of the ways you can help yourself and others through the bereavement process is by participating in a grief support group, like those held by the compassionate staff here at Mountain View Funeral Home.

Why take part in a bereavement support group? Such meetings offer multiple benefits to those coping with loss:

  • You learn you’re not alone. Isolating ourselves allows us to get caught up in our emotions. Support groups create an environment where everyone has something in common, which can help you feel understood.
  • You can share coping techniques. Maybe you’ve found a way to get through an especially difficult time, like a holiday. Others in the group may share coping methods that you haven’t discovered. Everyone benefits from this exchange of ideas.
  • Grief support groups foster a non-judgmental atmosphere where you are allowed to feel whatever you feel, and to express that emotion – whether it be sadness, guilt, loneliness, or despair. You can let your guard down, unlike at work or in other public places.
  • Sharing your story with others assists in the healing process. Simply talking about what you’re going through out loud can be very cathartic.

As we just talked about above, there are multiple emotional benefits to participating in a loss support group. There is another major advantage as well. Researchers have found a link between grief and subsequent physical illness. Taking an active role in your healing process may prevent these issues from developing.

At Mountain View Funeral Home in Mesa, we provide you with an outlet for the complex emotions you’re experiencing. Our monthly grief support groups give you a safe place to connect with others going through a loss. Upcoming meetings include April 11 and May 9 at 6:00pm. Please feel free to contact us to speak with our caring staff who can answer any questions you have.

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