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Floral Arrangements

Floral ArrangmentsSelecting funeral floral arrangements is an important task that can feel overwhelming if you don’t have enough information or the support of a knowledgeable team of funeral professionals. While there are generally proscribed flowers that you would consider for the funeral of a woman (or maybe you even know her favorite flower!), how do you determine what type of floral arrangements would be appropriate for a man?

Personal Relationship

A fitting arrangement for a man that you loved in a romantic way may be quite different than what you would choose for a father, grandfather or a close family friend. If your had a close and romantic relationship with the deceased, red roses or a vibrant spray may be the most fitting. If you are the closest relative then you are generally responsible for the floral arrangement that sits atop the casket, or the casket spray as well as any additional adornments on the casket such as small arrangements that are placed inside the casket.

Color Selections

Strong, masculine colors such as rusts, reds and earth tones as well as pure white are the most masculine colors that you can select, possibly interspersed with greenery. A floral arrangement for someone who was a more sensitive or gentle soul is likely to look different from someone who spent a great deal of their time outdoors–or maybe not! Selecting colors is very personal, and may be different based on your relationship to the departed.

Seasonal Floral Arrangements

If you are not sure what color your dearly departed would prefer, consider choosing an arrangement based either on the current season, or based on the month of the deceased’s birth. If your loved one was dedicated to baseball, football or a specific brand of vehicle, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make his arrangement suit his personality and personal style. This is not the time to be concerned about the judgment of others–instead, focus on your loved one and what feels like a celebration of his life and move in that direction.

If you have questions throughout the funeral arrangement process, feel free to contact Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery’s 24-hour answering service or contact our funeral concierge for more information about local flower options in Mesa, Arizona.

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