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Flowers for Funeral Services

flowers for funeralExpressing your true and deep feelings, especially during an emotionally-charged period such as a funeral, can be painful. Fortunately, there are ways we can communicate without words that are beautiful and poignant while leaving behind a lasting impression. Displaying flowers for funeral services allows us to grieve in personal ways; sending a meaningful message and can be the ideal choice to help support a grieving friend or family member during a difficult time.


Roses can be used to express a variety of sentiments: from the stunning single red rose in a white spray to show enduring love, to the softer pink roses that are often used for a mother or grandmother to demonstrate love, elegance, grace and admiration. White roses demonstrate purity, while yellow roses are most commonly used to show the strong bond of friendship.


Carnations are one of the most popular flowers for funeral services, and the color connotations are similar to those for roses. Pink carnations show remembrance and gratitude for the deceased, as well as a mother’s enduring love. White carnations indicate the innocence, faithfulness and purity of the departed, while red carnations indicate the deeper feelings of true love and yearning.


These compact blossoms convey loyalty and sincerity, as well as the expected grieving and sadness when they are used as flowers for funeral. While pastel-colored palettes are used in concert with other blooms, chrysanthemums are often seen in green for funeral arrangements. Typically, they are only used for graves and during funerals in many European countries, while Asian countries use these soft blooms as symbols of lamentations and grief.


Massive white stargazer lilies may be the ultimate example of flowers for a funeral, symbolizing purity, sympathy and the majesty of a life well-lived. The connotations of lilies includes the restoration of innocence to the soul of the departed.


Typically used in fan sprays as a elegant and classic arrangement, gladioli stems are made up of multiple flowers that can reach up to four feet. Gladiolus are available in a range of colors, all of which embody sincerity, moral integrity and strength of character.

Orchid Plant

While flower sprays are stunning, orchid plants are a lasting remembrance for the family that can endure for many years. Give consideration to color, as white varieties often express sympathy while red denotes deep love.

Choosing flowers for funeral services can be yet one more way to provide your loved one with a fitting final memorial, while offering a stunning tribute to a life well-lived.

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