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Funeral | Accidental Death & Grief

funeralA funeral is taking place for a close friend or relative. Their pasing was unexpected. It’s understandable that you want to be there for their family. However, among these good intentions, it is important to be aware that your grief and theirs will be quite different from the times you’ve lamented over someone with a long-term illness or loved one who died of old age.

Before the funeral, this would be the best way to treat grieving survivors:

  • Don’t seek details about the death. Let the survivors share on their own time. Be there for them and willing to listen.
  • Help to make sure the deceased’s personal effects are returned to the family after the autopsy.
  • Refer to the deceased by their name.
  • Encourage the family to plan a wake, funeral and burial, if it’s appropriate.
  • Send flowers with a note or offer a donation to a relevant charity.
  • Offer to make arrangements or do tasks, without being ashamed that you are also affected by the loss. Set limits comfortable for you.

Throughout the funeral ceremony you may notice that feelings are more tense and intense. This is naturally so because no one had time to mentally prepare. In the previously mentioned cases (old age, ongoing disease or illness), people had time mentally and emotionally to brace themselves. A few things that may help during the funeral services are:

  • Include siblings/close relatives. Allow them to ask questions and express their frustrations. Assure them repeatedly that they shouldn’t blame themselves for the death.
  • Don’t feel guilt for taking actions that made loved ones to cry – or for showing emotion yourself.

Our caring staff at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery knows how difficult this type of death can be for loved ones. We are here to help you with any details during this overwhelming time and relieve you of as much stress as possible.

Should you have any questions about our services or facilities, do not hesitate to contact us at our 24-hour answering service – 480-832-2850.

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