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Funeral Expense & Planning

funeral expenseFor many people, funeral planning is part and parcel of estate planning–something that, when complete, offers your family information and instructions on your final arrangements and helps to plan for your funeral expense. There are many different documents that are associated with estate planning, so having a quick checklist of the items that you will need to have available when you’re planning your funeral can help assure that you’re fully prepared for any meeting with your funeral consultant.

Funeral Arrangement Conference

A funeral arrangement conference is the start of your funeral planning process. During this meeting, you can discuss the funeral expense, your preference for final disposition and many other important topics. Having a funeral arrangement conference early in life allows you to provide your loved ones with a solid plan for your arrangements should the unthinkable occur. This also ensures that your wishes are carried out just as you specify.

Funeral Planning vs. Estate Planning

Yes, there is a difference between funeral planning and estate planning. Funeral plans are made in concert with your chosen mortuary; estate planning is generally done with the assistance of a lawyer. It’s important to note that any funeral requests are not going to be visible if placed with an attorney as part of your estate plan for several weeks up to a month after your passing. That is why it is critical to share pertinent details with your funeral consultant. What you can include in your estate plan is information about how to handle your funeral expense and how specifically that money can be used from within your estate.

Here are a few of the documents that you may need for funeral planning:

  • Military discharge papers
  • Information about your preferred final resting place (plot location, etc)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Revokable Living Trust
  • Last Will and Testament and any Codicils

Working with your funeral consultant, you will be able to get details of the total funeral expense and how to prepare for your final disposition. Our caring and knowledgeable team will answer any questions that you have as you go through your funeral arrangement conference and beyond.

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