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Funeral Home Gifts

Funeral Home GiftsWhen someone you care about is grieving, it can be difficult to know what to do or what to say–much less what type of funeral home gifts to bring to them that could potentially ease their pain, even if just for a moment. You want your gift to communicate your love and support in a lasting way, so your friend of family member will remember your thoughts long after flowers are gone.

Personal Remembrances

Perhaps one of the most thoughtful gift of solace would be a memory of the individual who was lost–either in the form of a lovely framed portrait, a professional video compilation of their stories or other simple memento that will aid remembrance. This could take the form of a poem or saying embroidered on a quilt or pillow or even an uplifting thought in a small frame that can be kept near to hand.


While elaborate gifts of jewelry may not be appropriate at this time, simple charms or other thoughtful items such as fingerprint jewelry or keepsake jewelry can be shared as a way to promote healthy healing. If your loved one has a commemorative bracelet, adding a small charm that reminds you of the one who was lost will make your grieving friend smile every time they wear the bracelet. The same is true of a clean and simple necklace or ring. If you personally design jewelry, creating a one-of-a-kind creation for your grieving friend or family member is a funeral home gift that will be remembered forever.


Specifically for women, ceramics in the shape of an angel, mother or family can have special meaning that will last for many years. Finding just the right ceramic figure can be challenging, but there are plenty of places online that provide options that will speak to the love that your friends and family members shared with their loved one.

Grave Markers

While it may seem a bit more intimate, depending on the relationship with the grieving individual you may consider gifting them with a plate, decoration or other item for the grave of their loved one, to help remember their personality and warmth on each visit to their final resting place.

There are many different options for providing funeral home gifts during this time. What is important during a time of grief is the gift of your presence, and the knowledge that your friend or family members feels fully loved and supported during an emotional time.

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