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Funeral Home Near Me | Terminal Illness

funeral home near meWhen a loved one is terminally ill, you know it is only a matter of time until they are called home. But how can you cope with this eventuality? We all know that our life here on earth eventually ends. However, when someone has a terminal illness it can really bring home the knowledge in a way that is very difficult to face. When you search for a funeral home near me in the Phoenix area, it is our hope that you’re able to gain some comfort and understanding from the pages here at Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery that will help you come to terms with handling your loved one’s funeral after their terminal illness.

Dealing with Anticipatory Grief

Once you understand that your loved one has a terminal diagnosis, the grieving process begins almost immediately. While this may seem like it offers too long for you to grieve–as opposed to simply enjoying the time that you have left together–it may give you the opportunity to work through some of the more difficult feelings before the funeral. At the time of the funeral, it is possible even to feel relief especially if your loved one was in significant pain or suffering at the end. It’s important to know that this is not unexpected so you can prepare for death as best possible. Everyone handles funerals differently, of course, But finding a funeral home near me in anticipation, you can allow yourself extra time to grieve instead of spending time making extra decisions.

Supporting Others

While you may feel as though you’re falling apart inside, as the final caretaker or close relative you may feel as though you must continue to be strong for others. Whether or not you feel this compulsion, know that this may be a time for you to lean on close family members and friends instead. Allowing yourself time to work through complex emotions will help you emerge after the funeral with a renewed spirit, even as you feel your heart may break.

If you are looking for a funeral home near me that you can trust during this difficult time, we invite you to consider Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery. Our caring and compassionate staff will answer all of your questions and support you every step of the way.

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